Manufacturing process is pollution free.

Recycled products are used for manufacturing.

EFCON AAC blocks are low energy consumption.

EFCON AAC blocks are made up of fly ash wastage materials.

As EFCON AAC blocks are made up of fly ash, they are Non-Toxic.

EFCON AAC blocks has very low emission and does not generate any waste products.

Nowadays, AAC blocks is highly recommended for any "Green Building" project.

Thermally Insulated & Energy Efcient

Reduces energy consumption.

Saving energy costs of air-conditioning.

Whole wall coverage and low air infiltration

Thermal insulation reducing heating in building.

EFCON AAC blocks offer excellent thermal insulation


Easy installation due to light weight.

Easier and cheaper for transportation.

EFCON AAC blocks lighter than normal bricks.

Allowing taller buildings construction because of its lightweight.

Millions of tiny air cells impart EFCON AAC products a very light weight structure.

Density of these light weight EFCON AAC blocks usually ranges between 400-800 kg/m3.

Faster Construction

Reduces construction time by 20%.

Lighter and bigger blocks make construction easier and faster.

Easy to install

Sets and hardens quickly.

Termite/Pest Resistant

Termites and ants do not eat EFCON AAC blocks.

EFCON AAC blocks cannot be damaged or infested easily.

As Fly ash or pond ash is an inert material and does not allow termites or other pests to survive.

Earthquake Resistant

EFCON AAC blocks resist fire, earthquake.

Low amount mass of a structure due to which the impact of an earthquake on a building is decreasing.


AAC products can be used to make any design, be it carving or irregular shapes.

It can be manufactured in various shapes and sizes to suit intended purpose.

Sound Insulation

Tiny air cell structure provides sound absorption qualities.

Ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, IT offces, recording studio construction.

Sound insulation of a wall built using AAC is much higher than a wall of similar thickness built using other materials.

Easy Workability and Design Flexibility

Custom sizes available.

Easier electrical installations.

Easily cut faster than wood using normal tools, drilled, nailed, milled ability.

AAC products are very easy to work with.

It does not shrink or warp once it is removed from autoclave.

AAC is cured using steam, it is ready to be used as soon as it comes out of autoclave.

Cost Effective

Reduces concrete uses up to 90% then normal clay blocks.

Saves steel up to 20-25%.

Phenix EFCON AAC blocks are so cheaper in cost than normal clay blocks.

Fire Resistant

EFCON AAC blocks are Non-combustible.

EFCON AAC are inorganic and incombustible.

EFCON AAC is especially suited for fire-rated applications.

EFCON AAC blocks have higher rate of survivability in case of fire